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What our customers are saying…

  • It makes life so much easier for all cooks if we don’t have to spend a lot of time keeping an eye on the stove and the pot especially when stewing or boiling!

    Ms Yee Wah C

    Sydney, Australia

  • I am enjoying using my Zega pot - very simple to use and saves me lots of time. The recipes are easy to follow and very delicious.

    Joanne T

    Melbourne, Australia

  • I have used it a few times now and love it! The meat is so tender.

    Leanne & Randal

    Willaston, Australia

  • This product is definitely a game changer. It made my life easier. I also have a new-found love for cooking now.

    Devjanee C

    Cranbourne, Australia

  • My test run was with newly dug  South Island (NZ) potatoes. After turning off the heat on the cooktop the potatoes cooked in less than 10 minutes. I am delighted to use the new technology ZEGA presents. A very satisfied customer.

    Nancy R

    Dunedin, New Zealand

  • I received my pot and have already tried two recipes (one chicken, the other beef). Both came out tender with no burning. The temperature kept constant and my food was hot, not lukewarm. We love this pot. 

    Orlando K

    Illinois, USA

  • I got my pot a few days ago, used it tonight for cooking meatballs, which I’ve been making since I was a kid. Omg, I had just hoped that the pot would keep the sauce from burning. It did, but the meatballs were also softer than then have ever been, and the sauce wasn’t greasy at all. This pot exceeded my expectations.

    Alexandra I

    Virginia, USA

  • Mind blown. I made Beef Goulash using the recipe on the app. Was so much easier to use than I thought and the end result - DELICIOUS! This is a total must have for all one-pot / casserole / stew style cooking - it really takes the ease out of cooking this way plus elevates the flavours to the next level in how the self-cooking works. Perfect for impressing dinner party guests without slaving over the stove or getting an awesome meal on quickly and letting it cook off the stove if you need to head out.I am absolutely blown away at how awesome this pot is.

    Sheree M

    Sydney, Australia